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The School Council and Eco Team are made up of children from the school and provide a forum for them to express their views about the development of the school, and ways to extend our care for the environment.

The School Council is comprised of two children elected from each class, Year 1 to Year 6, plus a teacher to chair the meetings and take notes. The Eco Team is made up of a number of children from Year 1 to 6 who are interested in caring for our environment. Other members of staff, governors and sometime visitors are often also involved.

The School Council meets regularly and may discuss a whole range of issues concerning the school. Recent meetings have concentrated on developing different play areas around the school playground. Previous discussions have resulted in a 'bandstand' style gazebo, a 'castle', a wooden climbing frame and a new sandpit.

The Eco Team meet every Tuesday lunchtime to participate in fun activities and projects. Many of their discussions centre on the school's aim to become an 'Eco School' which means we are committed to creating a sustainable lifestyle within the school and in the wider community. We were proud to achieve Green Flag status, the top award, in May 2010, and were reassessed in September 2012, successfully retaining our ECO School status.

Did you know... the logs used to build our Log House have come from local sustainable sources. This will continue our eco-friendly approach which is in line with our Eco-Schools Green Flag status.


Pupils taking part in a 'Crystal Maze' maths day challenge, 2015.


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