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Classes > Beech Class

Class Staff:

  • Teachers: Ms Denham and Mr Copley
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs Shimmon, Miss Davis, Mrs Maller

Class information:


  • The curriculum that children in Beech class are following Spring Term:

  • English: A range of text types will be produced based on the theme of RMS Titanic. Work will include researching lots of information about the ship, a non-chronological report about icebergs and a newspaper article. Grammar, punctuation, comprehension, guided reading, handwriting, spelling and phonics activities will continue. (Y6: Revision work and preparation for SATs).

    Maths: All four operations (addition, multiplication, division and subtraction) and word problems. Shapes, fractions and decimals. (Y6: Revision work and preparation for SATs).  
    History: Vikings

    Science: Evolution and inheritance

    Art: Clarice Cliff

    PSHE: Good to be me; Relationships

    RE: Hinduism - beliefs and questions; Buddhism - journey of life and death

    DT: Cooking - soup

    French: Clothes

    ICT: Coding

    Music: Y5 - Brass; Y6 - listening to and evaluating different types of music.

    PE: Tag rugby; Dance

  • The curriculum that children in Beech class are following term:

  • English: Oranges In No Man’s Land, Bedd Gelert (poem), non-fiction based on the Mayan topic, comprehension, spellings, phonics, grammar and handwriting.
    Maths: The four operations, word problems, regular skills checks (Assertive Mentoring), properties of shapes, understanding and using fractions, and learning number facts including multiplication tables to 12 x 12.
    Science: Animals including humans - changes as humans develop from birth to old age; the human circulatory system; the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on our bodies; Light - how light travels and is reflected.
    History: The Mayans (including a presentation in a visiting theatrical ‘dome’)
    RE: Christianity and Islam
    PSHE: New Beginnings, It’s Good To Be Me (Crucial Crew visit for Y6)
    Art: Drawing and stone painting
    DT: cushions
    French: À l’école and En ville
    ICT: Online Safety, Coding
    PE: Tennis/Hockey and Fitness/Gymnastics

  • To read more detailed information about the new national curriculum please click on the following link:
    A guide for parents: Year Five (pdf)
    A guide for parents: Year Six (pdf)
  • If you require any further information about the curriculum in Beech Class, please speak to the class teacher, Mr Rutland.

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