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Clothing/Personal Items:

  • Any item brought to school by your child should have his or her name on it.  This includes ALL clothes (including coats), books, or objects for class topics. 
  • Children should wear their uniform smartly (e.g. not wear their jumpers or cardigans tied around their middles). 
  • Children should always bring a coat to school unless the weather is very fine and settled.
  • Jewellery (with the exception of watches and stud earrings) should not be worn in school. Earrings (small studs only) must be removed for all sporting activities, or in the case of school-based activities only, covered with micropore tape.
  • Children should not attend school wearing nail varnish, make-up, tattoo transfers or any body art.
  • Toys, footballs etc should not be brought to school unless asked for particularly by staff as part of a class topic.

Money in School:

  • Any money in school should be brought in an envelope labelled with your child's name, class and the purpose. It must be handed to the class teacher during morning registration, or the labelled envelope posted into one of the school's secure letterboxes.

Safety in and around the School:

  • We request that all bicycles and scooters are pushed whilst on the school premises. Riders should dismount outside the school gates and push their bicycles/scooters to the bike sheds where they can be left during the school day.  Likewise, at the end of the day, riders should wait until they are outside the school grounds before riding.
  • Playground apparatus should be used only under supervision by school staff (at break times only). We ask parents not to allow their pre-school age children onto the apparatus.
  • Children arriving at school in the morning should wait on the playground with parents/carers or talking to their friends. No children should be running about before school begins, or playing on the school field or apparatus.
  • Sun cream and other similar items for personal use should not be brought to school by the children. During hot weather, we encourage the wearing of sun hats whilst the children are outside, and also regular drinks and rests within the shaded areas. 
  • In the interest of safety we only allow guide dogs inside the school grounds (unless by prior arrangement with a teacher for a school topic resource). Dogs owners who walk them with their children to/from school are asked not to leave the dog unattended near the school gates.
  • The school car park and drive-through are for the use of school staff, visitors, the school bus or taxi and disabled parents/children only.  If you feel that these conditions apply to you, please confirm with the Headteacher.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the school building or grounds.

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